February 2, 1938 (18th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Louis Édouard Fernand Rinfret (Secretary of State of Canada)


Hon. FERNAND RINFRET (Acting Minister of Public Works):

Yesterday the hon. member for Broadview (Mr. Church) directed two questions to the government, the first being:
Will the government take up with the government of the United States and the governments of Ontario and New York state the question of erecting joint regulation works in this river to prevent the recurrence of the abnormal conditions which have recently arisen?
In reply I may say that the situation arising from the recent ice jam is such an extremely unusual one, even for the Niagara river, that the possibility and warranty of effecting any measures to prevent or mitigate a recurrence would require careful study on the part of the interests which have been adversely affected. Regulation works which were proposed by the international board of engineers at the outlet of the Niagara river in connection with the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence seaway scheme would not appear to be of any benefit to a situation such as has now arisen.
The second question was:
Has the minister any ice-breaking plants for use on lake Erie and the Niagara river

The Address-Mr. Coldwell
from lake Erie to Chippawa and Niagara to Queenston similar to that used in the St. Lawrence river?
The answer is that no such ice-breaking equipment is provided.

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