April 15, 1901 (9th Parliament, 1st Session)


Nathaniel Clarke Wallace

Conservative (1867-1942)


Yes, he is put away in cold storage and he does not know anything about this matter until this morning, and then he coolly tells us that if he hears anything more about it he might make inquiries. This report goes on to say :
The Hon. Mr. Ross

Not our right hon. friend across there from Cape Breton (Mr. Ross).
The Hon. Mr. Ross, the premier, in response, admitted that the Liberal party had fathered the circulars, and made light of the matter. It did not appear a conspiracy against the public weal in his eyes.
Mr. Ross admitted that the Liberal party had fathered this circular. Who is the Liberal party and where are the headquarters of the Liberal party, and who directs its movements. Is it the right hon. the leader of the Uominion government ? He is the head of the Liberal party in this Dominion. Is he the father of the circular 7 I shall not accuse him of it, because I do not believe he would be guilty of conduct like that. I will freely exonerate him from any such conduct. But Mr. Ross, the Prime Minister of Ontario, says that the Liberal party fathered the responsibility of the circular, and as the leader of the opposition (Mr. Borden) has pointed out, that circular is a conspiracy against the nation. And, Sir, any enumerator who attempts to carry out the instructions of that circular can be arrested and will be arrested for perjury. It was the duty of the Minister of Agriculture on Friday morning last to telegraph to every one in charge of a census district and threaten them with all the penalties of the law if they did not at once destroy that infamous circular. A minister placed in charge of responsible duties as the head of a department cannot shirk his responsibility by saying that he knew nothing about this.
What are the objects of it 7 To furnish at the expense of the people of Canada information for the benefit of a political party -information which they have no right to ask from the people. The man who goes to the head of a household and asks for the information referred to in this circular has been instructed by whom 7 By the Liberal party. Where did the Liberal party get authority any more than the Conservative party to send such a circular to every census enumerator 7 The authority comes through this parliament of Canada, and nowhere else ; and if any other authority attempts to thrust itself on these enumerators, the government of this country should arrest the perpetrators and put them in the common jail, and try them for high crimes and misdemeanours. The premier of Ontario has committed the Liberal party to these circulars, for he admitted that the Liberal party had fathered them. He could not get out of it. It would not do to repeat the old story that the ballots were burnt in the cellar of the legislature of Ontario, and that they took fire by spontaneous combustion. That kind of yarn did not go down in that case, and it will not in this. This circular was printed at somebody's expense, and we presume it was handed to every census enumerator in Ontario, and the Minister of Agriculture folds his arms utterly uncon-

cerned about it, saying that he will consider it, that be did not bear of it until to-day, and be does not propose to do anything even at this late hour of the day. fifteen days elapsed before be knew anything about it. That circular must have reached the census enumerators before they started on their duties on the 1st of April. A nice way the business is being conducted. In the meantime the census enumerators have been filling up these circulars. One of them goes to a man, we will assume, and asks the date of his birth, the number of the lot or house

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