March 3, 1937 (18th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Jean-François Pouliot



Referring to the statement of the government at page 758 of Revised Hansard of March 4, 1936, that Lieutenant-Colonel W. Arthur Steel's pension would have been $1,975.38 per annum as of 1st April, 1936, if he were sent back to the Department of National Defence before being retired, or $3,520 per annum as of 1st April, 1936, if retired while still seconded by the Department of National Defence to the radio broadcasting commission, although there was no statutory provision for the superannuation of members of said commission,-
1. Was he retired as radio commissioner?
2. If so, when, and was he still seconded at that time?
3. If so, what total amount did he pay for his superannuation from the date of his appointment as radio commissioner, October 1, 1931, until his retirement?
4. How much does he receive per annum from the date of his superannuation?
5. Is he the same Lieutenant-Colonel Steel as the one of which the government has said at page 1052 of Unrevised Hansard of February 17 of this year, that he had not been granted a bonus, an extension of salary payment, or any kind of gratuity?
6. If so, what is his age?
7. If not, what service did each of both Lieutenant-Colonels Steel render to the Dominion of Canada, and in what capacity?
8. In case of the death of the former, how much will his family receive per annum?

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