February 26, 1937 (18th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Thomas Alexander Crerar (Minister of Mines and Resources)



There is only one associated with the mines branch, the one located on

Booth street. Experimental work is carried on in connection with the properties of coal and also in connection with the metallurgical processes best adapated to the treatment of certain ores. This laboratory has done excellent and useful work. Last summer I had an opportunity of visiting a number of large mines in Canada and I was given the voluntary information by different mine managers that the service rendered by this department for many years past had been most valuable.
I do not know whether I mentioned this a year ago, but it is worth repeating; when the representatives from the empire countries were in Ottawa in 1932 to attend the imperial conference, the Premier of Rhodesia visited the laboratory here. They had had trouble in working out a treatment for a certain kind of ore and he arranged to ship several tons here to the mines branch. The technical officers were successful in working out the correct treatment for this ore and as a result of that this mine in Rhodesia has been put into operation. This is a striking illustration of the value of the work being done in these laboratories.

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