February 26, 1937 (18th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Ernest George Hansell

Social Credit

Mr. E. G. HANSELL (Macleod):

Mr. Speaker, I do not rise to criticize the personnel of any of the committees, but I do

know that under the new measure the companies and concerns represented on the previous committee are omitted. It does seem to me that if some of these concerns could be represented the work of the rehabilitation act would be greatly facilitated. Representations have been made from mortgage companies, the Canadian Bankers' Association and the Canadian Pacific Railway, all of which have an interest in the dried-out areas to protect.
I have no doubt those in charge of the administration of the act are conscious of the necessity for water conservation. The right hon. leader of the opposition (Mr. Bennett) stated that there was not a great deal of water to be conserved in some of these areas. I should like to point out that in southern Alberta there is considerable water which could be conserved in the spring. It would take a tremendous amount of money to build the huge dams necessary for this purpose, but I believe in the long run it would pay. There are several rivers in the southern part of the province which sometimes overflow in the spring. At times parts of the city of Calgary are under water, and there is no reason why some of this water could not be conserved.
The Bow river empties into the South Saskatchewan river, and then there is the Oldman river which has its source in the mountains and which also empties into the South Saskatchewan river. The Belly river has its source in the foothills and empties into Oldman river. Milk river runs along the southern boundary of Alberta and the United States. This river is fairly narrow, but is quite deep and sometimes overflows in the spring. Although some of these rivers are quite dry in the fall, I think much of this water could be conserved by the building of storage dams similar to the work being carried on by the president of the United. States in some parts of that country. I trust this committee will do what is possible to be done along these lines; for I believe in years to come it would mean the salvation of this part of the country.
Motion agreed to and bill read the third time and passed.

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