February 26, 1937 (18th Parliament, 2nd Session)


John Gordon Ross


Mr. ROSS (Moose Jaw):

I do not altogether blame my right hon. friend for what happened, because we do not expect quarter to be given in an election campaign, but at that time certain homestead inspectors in Saskatchewan were dismissed by wire, and a man was appointed, presumably to be a homestead inspector, who worked throughout the election campaign. When the election was over a check up was made and it was found that this gentleman had never made any inspections at all. He had a good deal of trouble getting his pay from the department, and at the time his statement was that he was not hired as a homestead inspector to do homestead inspecting; he was hired to assist Doctor Swanson in the election. But he got $250 for it, just the same.
Perhaps when some of us look over our past records we would be better advised not to make comments upon political appointments, even when elections are not in the offing. Mr. John Vallance is not a political appointee. He is a first-class man for the position, and I do not think you could find anyone in that part of western Canada, other than outright political partisans, who would have one word to say against the appointment of Mr. Vallance for the work he is doing. Not only that; I think it will be found that under his direction this act will be carried out in much better fashion than it would have been under a man who did not have the same experience that Mr. Vallance has had in Saskatchewan.

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