February 23, 1937 (18th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Ernest Lapointe (Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada)


Hon. ERNEST LAPOINTE (Minister of Justice):

Of course my hon. friend can insist upon introducing this bill and the others that follow it on the order paper, but I should like to say that the legislation which these bills are intended to repeal has no operative effect whatever and no purpose would be served by taking it out of our statutes. On the other hand, some of this legislation might be amended and by cooperation with the provinces be brought within the sphere of federal jurisdiction. As to the others there is the possibility of amending the British North America Act, still in cooperation with the provinces, to make the legislation effective.
As there is no purpose whatever to be served by repealing this act, which is a dead letter as it is, and as it may be useful in some way to keep it there, perhaps my hon. friend would agree to let the statute remain as it is now and allow the government to deal with it in the best interests of the house and of the people.

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