February 15, 1937 (18th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Mr. POWER: (Minister of Pensions and National Health)


1. The board was duly convened.
2. Dr. R. Angrove, Chief, Neuropsychiatric Services, Ste. Anne's Hospital.
Dr. W. Baillie, Chief Neuropsyehiatric Services, Christie St. Hospital, Toronto. Secretary, Academy of Medicine, (Neuropsychiatric Section).
Dr. Gaston Lefebvre de Bellefeuille, Professor of Neuropsychiatry, University of Montreal.
Dr. George Boyer, Toronto, Chief, Consultant Division, Toronto General Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, Toronto University.
Dr. J. P. S. Cathcart, Chief, Neuropsychiatric Services, Dept. Pensions and National Health.
Dr. Harry Dover, Consultant Neuropsychiatrist, Ottawa Civic Hospital.
Dr. C. B. Farrar, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Toronto. Director of Toronto Psychiatric Hospital, Toronto.
Dr. S. M. Fisher, Instructor in Medicine, University of Western Ontario.
Dr. A. A. Fletcher, University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine. Consultant Neuropsychiatrist, Toronto General Hospital.
Dr. Grant Fleming, Dean), Faculty of Medicine, McGill University. Professor of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, McGill University Medical Director, Canadian National Committee on Mental Hygiene.
Dr. W. Leslie, Chief, Neuropsychiatric Service, Deer Lodge Hospital, Winnipeg.
Dr. Hugh Laidlaw, Chief, Pathological Services, Ottawa General Hospital.
Dr. F. H. Mackay, Professor in Neurology, McGill University. Chief, Neurological Division, Montreal General Hospital.
Dr. George Mason, Calgary. Chief Consultant Psychiatrist, Province of Alberta.
Dr. A. T. Mathers, Winnipeg. Dean, Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba. Director, Winnipeg Neuropsychiatric Hospital. Chief Psychiatrist, Provincial Services.
Dr. W. J. McLean, Lecturer, University of Western Ontario. Chief, Neuropsychiatric Division, Westminster Hospital.
Dr. W. T. B. Mitchell, Associate Professor, Mental Hygiene, McGill University. Chief, Provincial Mental Hygiene Clinic, Montreal.
Dr. Daniel Plouffe, Chief, Neuropsychiatric Services, Province of Quebec. Superintendent Bordeaux Hospital for Insane.
Dr. C. S. Roy, Superintendent, St. Michel Archange Asylum, Mastai, P.Q.
Dr. Colin Russel, Clinical Professor of Neurology, McGill University. Chief, Medical Division, Montreal Neurological Institute.
Dr. R. S. Stevens, Medical Consultant, Ottawa Civic Hospital.
Dr. G. H. Stevenson, Superintendent, Ontario Hospital, London, Ont. Professor of Psychiatry, University of Western Ontario.
3. Yes. The findings of the Board of Psychiatrists and Neurologists were laid on the table of the house to-day.

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