February 12, 1937 (18th Parliament, 2nd Session)


John Campbell Elliott (Postmaster General)


Mr. ELLIOTT (Middlesex):

That was the practice in the old days when we had service on these holidays, the practice followed in Quebec and it may be in one or two other places, but I am not aware of it. I know it was asked for in a couple of other places where the postmasters reported that the mail was so heavy that they would have congestion on the day following Christmas if the holiday were observed. In those places it was cleared. It might be interesting to my hon. friend to refer to what took place in the old days when we had service on Christmas day and New Year's day, as well as Saturday afternoons.

Supply-Post Office

That is not very long ago. Gradually we got away from those services, a day or half a day at a time. But in those instances, even in the old days, the district director, or the postmaster, in the large post offices, who exercised the same authority as the district director, was given a certain amount of discretion.

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