February 4, 1937 (18th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Mr. HOWE: (Minister of Transport)


1. (a) Canadian National railways.. 7,987 (b) Canadian Pacific railway.. .. 8,344
2. No.
3. (a) Canadian National railways, $1,300,000.00; (b) Canadian Pacific railway, $1,326,026.17.
4. C.N.R. C.P.R.(a) Wages.. .. (b) Board and $1,300,000.00 $1,310,237.93lodging .... Nil Nil(c) Bedding .. Nil Nil(d) Medical aid Nil Nil
5. The accounts of the companies for medical aid as presented to date are included with accounts for workmen's compensation and are presently under audit. No payments have yet been made to the companies covering these
accounts, which amount to:
Canadian National $9,727.03
Canadian Pacific 9,085.18
6. See answer No. 5.
7. Accounts received to date:
Canadian National $2,451.77
Canadian Pacific 3,430.27
8 and 9. As to average number of days worked and average wage per man. The days worked per man varied from two to three days to the full period of six months, and the wages earned ranged from $5 to $312, depending on the duration of employment. The maximum permitted1 to be employed by each company

under the agreements in question was 5,000 or 10,000 altogether, and to secure results a total of 16,331 had to be hired, including neighbourhood unemployed. The work gangs averaged 35 men, and there were two pay-rolls per month, or twelve pay-rolls altogether, covering maintenance projects from one end of Canada to the other. To work out the averages requested would entail examination and analysis of the days worked and amounts paid each of these employees on each and every pay-roll, and such information could only be secured at great expenditure of time and money. And, even if secured, the results would be inconclusive and misleading.

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