February 1, 1937 (18th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Norman McLeod Rogers (Minister of Labour)



The exact text of the findings of the royal commission on Industrial Training and Technical Education, 1913, under the chairmanship of Dr. J. W. Robertson, C.M.G., is set out in sessional paper No. 191d of the Journals of the House of Commons, 1913, but is not to the effect that technical education was _ exclusively a federal problem under the British North America Act. The commission's opinion as to control and regulation is expressed in the following extract, from page 21 of the said sessional paper:- _ _
"The commission is of the opinion that, industrial training and technical education in order to be of greatest benefit to individuals, to industrial development, to localities, to the several provinces and to the dominion as

a whole, should be organized and maintained in accordance with the following principles:-
"1. It should be under provincial control and regulation.
"2. It should receive financial support from individuals, from local authorities, from provincial governments and from the dominion."
The commission's opinion as to federal participation in technical education is to be found in the following extract from page 26 of the same sessional paper:-
"5. The very considerable increase in the population of Canada by immigration is throwing additional burdens for elementary education upon the communities and the provinces. The enhanced public revenues due to growth by immigration goes in a large measure into the dominion exchequer. The increase of the volume of trade brings in larger amounts through the customs oifices. This would indicate that the new financial responsibility and burdens for industrial training and technical education, on a scale large enough and generous enough to be available to all the people between the ages of 14 and 18, should be sustained in large measure by funds from the Dominion government."
The commission's recommendation in regard to the extent of the financial assistance which should be rendered by the federal government to the provinces is set out on page 268 of the said sessional paper, as follows:-
" The commission recommends that the sum of 83,000,000 be provided annually for a period of ten years by the parliament of Canada and paid annually into a dominion development fund."

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