February 1, 1937 (18th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Ernest Lapointe (Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada)


Hon. ERNEST LAPOINTE (Minister of Justice):

Mr. Speaker, I wish to add my personal tribute to those which the prime minister and the leader of the opposition have just paid to the memory of our late lamented fellow-member. Hon. Mr. Marcil was the only member of this parliament who was in the house in 1904, when I came heTe for the first time. I knew him previously, for he was one of the public speakers whose eloquence had thrilled my youth. His melodious voice, his phrase which seemed to flow harmoniously like a clear and beautiful stream, his imposing and dignified presence made him a favourite speaker among the people. Sir Wilfrid Laurier once told me that he knew of no Canadian who had so perfectly mastered the two official languages of this country. During thirty-three years, I sat at his side, and it is with deep emotion that I bear testimony to his having always been a devoted friend, a loyal colleague and a wise counsellor. Owing to his extreme kindness he could not have enemies. " Charlie " Marcil never hated anybody. Nothing could ever impair his equanimity and natural recti-tude._ He gave all his intellect, all his heart, all his life to his country, to his friends, and to _ the principles he held dear. Intensely religious, as it has just been pointed out, he was a model of piety, charity and devotedness. He was a great Canadian.
To Mrs. Marcil and the other members of his family, to his faithful constituents in Bona-venture, I wish particularly to tender the sympathies of the French Canadian members of this house.

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