April 15, 1901 (9th Parliament, 1st Session)



The translation given here of the circular letter referred to, Is substantially correct. Eighteen hundred and fifty-five were sent out by mail, as follows : 744 in Ontario, 196 in New Brunswick, 287 in Prince Edward Island, and 441 in British Columbia. These circulars were sent out under the frank of the Department of Agriculture, but a certain number of them were sent out under the frank of the Department of Public Works, from the fact that Mr. Cote, who was sending them out, had his office in the Department of Public Works until the office in the Seybold building was ready. Some of the circulars were also franked from the House of Commons in consequence of Mr. Cot6 inquiring about addresses in this building, and sending them from here after the mail was closed in the department. Such circulars were sent out .under the instructions of the department, for the purpose of obtaining correct answers to the questions in the census schedules, just as similar instructions were sent out to a number of the census commissioners in the province of Quebec, to the effect that people whose names were Fraser, Ross, Pettigrew, Carroll, &c., should be entered in the column of origins, as being of English, Irish or Scotch origin, although they spoke French entirely ; and must be put in the column of languages as speaking French. This and other information has been sent
out for the guidance of the census takers, so as to secure absolutely accurate information in the census.

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