May 8, 1936 (18th Parliament, 1st Session)


Donald MacLennan



In regard to the nice words spoken by the leader of the opposition of the Minister of Public Works, I read in the paper yesterday that the leader of the opposition was the most distinguished looking man in the house. I must say that this is the first time I have seen him smile continuously for a minute or two, but seeing him smile it seems to me that he is not only the most distinguished but the most handsome man.
It is a serious matter for a member of parliament to say that to his personal knowledge an officer has been guilty of political partisanship. My constituency is over three hundred miles long. I know that some of the office holders there were active in politics;
I am sure of it, but I cannot say it of my own personal knowledge. While I do not wish to say anything here to discredit my predecessor, I may tell the committee that on one sheet of paper he placed the names of twenty-seven office holders who, he declared, were guilty of political partisanship, and they were beheaded forthwith. I do not want to follow that up at all, but the party on my immediate left really ought to practise what they now preach. I am not a bit averse to the Minister of Public Works starting now to scrutinize very carefully the representations of members of parliament who say that they know of their personal knowledge that dozens and dozens of office holders are active partisans. I assure him and this committee that when I say that an office holder has been active in politics when he should not be, I shall be very sure of my ground and I shall not submit any names to him except those that I am sure of from personal knowledge.

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