May 8, 1936 (18th Parliament, 1st Session)


Richard Bedford Bennett (Leader of the Official Opposition)

Conservative (1867-1942)


The statement made by the minister is an eminently fair one. He says that he is doing the best he can for everyone but he cannot overlook the claims of his partisans. That is a fair statement and one which I suggest he might have made at the very start, as to what is really covered by this item. That is the real truth about it; it is a pork barrel item and has to be taken care of. I will say this, that the hon. gentleman has a most sympathetic heart and his feelings find expression in the writing of the most courteous and kindly letters it would be possible for anyone to write, and that the action which is sometimes harsh and the subject of criticism is taken never by himself but by others. It would be impossible for him; his feelings would be so harassed and upset by such a thing that he could not contemplate it without emotion.

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