April 15, 1901 (9th Parliament, 1st Session)


The MINISTER OF THE INTERIOR (Hon. Clifford Sifton).

I desire to say upon this point that the hon. member for Selkirk (Mr. McCreary), when leaving the city some five or six days ago, had just then learned that these Bills had been reprinted. As he was obliged to leave that evening he sent me a note by special messenger, asking me to communicate with the chairman of the Railway Committee, saying- that he was not familiar with the rules of the House, and did not know whether the solicitor had a right to have the Bills changed without his consent, and he desired the chairman of the committee to be at once informed that the change was made without his knowledge or consent. I accordingly informed my hon. friend the chairman of tne committee of the circumstance. I say this in order that the position of the member for Selkirk may be made perfectly clear. [DOT]

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