April 15, 1901 (9th Parliament, 1st Session)


Arthur W. Puttee

Independent Labour


I did not rise for the purpose of discussing the Bill at this stage, although the Bill is to be opposed, but I desired to ask the hon. member whose name is on the back of the Bill to give us some explanation with regard to one circumstance connected with it. These Bills, Nos. 102 and 103, refer to what is known as the Manitoba Railway contract. Now, about four-weeks ago two Bills, No. 75 and No. 87, were put through the second reading and referred to the Railway Committee, and they bore on their back the name of the hon. member for Selkirk (Sir. McCreary). Now, I understand he did not give his permission to make any change, but since that time these two latter Bills now before us have been added to the former Bills, and I would like to have the hon. gentleman who is now proposing the second reading, to give us the explanation.

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