April 22, 1936 (18th Parliament, 1st Session)


Right Hon. S@

I should like to call the Prime Minister's attention again to section 5. It seems to me it would make for better legislation if this section were enacted in a separate bill. The rest of the bill has to do entirely with the Department of Labour, but the administration of section 5 will be carried out through the Department of Finance and the minister of that department will advise the governor in council in regard thereto. Section 5 is for an indefinite time, being more or less permanent, or effective until it is repealed by parliament; whereas the remainder of the

act expires on March 31, 1937. In my opinion this bill should cover only the matters which are definitely to expire on March 31, 1937, and as I say it would be better if section 5 were put in a separate bill, which would then be lawfully in force until repealed by parliament. However, that is a matter entirely for the government, and if in their judgment it is all right, if they wish it to stand, I have nothing more to say.
In order to be helpful if I can, may I remind the house that an amendment was proposed to section 2, suggested I think by my leader but accepted by the government, that at the end of clause 2, after the word "labour" there should be added the words, "and whenever used in this act the word 'minister' shall mean the Minister of Labour." I believe that was agreed to by the committee, but it does not appear in the reprint of the bill which I have before me.

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