April 6, 1936 (18th Parliament, 1st Session)


Mr. CARDIN: (Minister of Public Works)


1. 812,000 per annum, less five per cent under the special Income War Tax Act.
2. $6,450 per annum, and allowances as shown in paragraph 3.
3. Free quarters, rations, fuel, light, medical attendance, etc., which are valued for pension purposes at $2,000 per annum.
4. Yes. He is furnished with a government car and chauffeur as has been the custom. Both are available as required for general use.

5. None. His militia pension is suspended whilst he is Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
6. As already stated, he is in receipt of no pension, but as an officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, he is entitled to free medical attendance and hospitalization, if necessary.
7. Major General Sir James MacBrien recently went to Washington with other Canadian representatives to attend the North American Wild Life Conference and his expenses were paid from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police vote. While there, he conferred with the chief of the federal investigation bureau of the Department of Justice and also officials of the American coastguard service on police matters. He made no speeches in the United States except one on behalf of the Canadian delegation at the banquet held upon the conclusion of the conference previously referred to.
8. Answered by No. 7.

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