March 31, 1936 (18th Parliament, 1st Session)


Charles Grant MacNeil

Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.)

Mr. MacNEIL:

I believe the majority of ex-service men in Canada will applaud the action of the minister in introducing the legislation forecast in these three resolutions. They will be particularly pleased with the legislation forecast in the resolution now before the committee, since it deals with a large class of ex-service men whose needs hitherto have been more or less neglected.
There is just one point regarding which I desire an explanation from the minister. Should the proposed commission recommend to the minister a project involving some public expenditure, let us say dealing with sheltered employment, will it be possible for the government to initiate that project without furher reference to parliament? I have in mind, as the minister will understand, the necessity of instituting early action with reference to the needs of the physically handicapped ex-service men whose problems may not be considered now under the Pension Act or the War Veterans' Allowance Act.

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