July 4, 1935 (17th Parliament, 6th Session)


William Lyon Mackenzie King (Leader of the Official Opposition)



Mr. Chairman, my right hon. friend must either have been misinformed or have deceived himself when he told the house and country a day or two ago he regretted that he was no longer able to participate in what he called the rough and tumble of debate. If he has not shown this evening that he is in form for the rough and tumble of debate I do not know that we have ever had reason to believe that he was. How-
[Mr Bennett.]
ever, I rise not for the purpose of joining in any bout of the kind but rather to draw the attention of the committee to the difference between what was said by my right hon. friend at the beginning of his remarks and what was said at the close. I am glad there is that difference, because certainly the opening part of my right hon. friend's remarks left a very unpleasant impression on my mind and I think on the mind of the committee generally. My right hon. friend began his address by saying that the bill which the house has been considering this afternoon, upon which we have all worked so amicably and which we have run through without very much discussion, " is mine," and gave no credit whatever to the committee.

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