July 4, 1935 (17th Parliament, 6th Session)


George Gibson Coote

United Farmers of Alberta


Just a word in regard to the first subsection of section 8, the power of the board to fix a minimum .price. I say on1 behalf of the producers that I think the great majority of them have sold their wheat below cost of production for four years. I hope when this board in consultation with the government comes to set .this price they will bear that in mind, as well as the price that our competitors in the Argentine and Australia are receiving. In that connection I would point out that in the June 1 issue of the Commercial Intelligence Journal there is a dispatch from our trade commissioner in Australia in which he deals wilth the question of wheat there, and he says that the price to the grower at country sidings is approximately three shillings per bushel. Hon. members will realize that that is a price above that which our producers have been getting even with the support that has been given to the market.

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