July 4, 1935 (17th Parliament, 6th Session)


Alfred Speakman

United Farmers of Alberta


Just one point in connection with the sales policy in disposing of that surplus. I think that the last speaker (Mr. Willis) is perfectly correct; there is no man in this house who would advocate such a foolish policy as a species of fire sale to get rid of the wheat, knowing its effect on the finances of the country and the price of the crop that is coming .on. That is why I was disturbed by the phraseology used .by the hon. member for Shelburne-Yarmouth (Mr. Ralston). The average man not being acquainted personally with the hon. member might not set the same value upon his sanity and wisdom that I might, and without 'that knowledge it is almost impossible to avoid the deduction that this wheat should in effect be forced upon the market regardless of price. My reason for that fear is no't only the language used in connection with this particular item; I am bound to couple that with the suggestion that this should be looked upon as emergency legislation to carry on for one year with the right of extending it for a further year by order in council. The language would indicate that it was at least the hope if not the expectation of the hon. .member that this entire surplus would be wiped out within one or at most two years. I think it is impossible to avoid that deduction from his words. Yet I think every hon. member familiar with the situation and knowing the prospective crop which now faces us will realize that to dispose of this entire surplus in the face of world conditions and the coming crop would be a fire sale policy and absolutely destructive of wheat prices in this country.

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