July 4, 1935 (17th Parliament, 6th Session)


An hon. MEMBER:

And the west too.
Mr. RALSTON; My hon. friend is quite right-the west too. But it is because of the situation that exists, which I in common with ever3-one else in the house wish to see remedied, that I am in favour of this provision and will give it my support.
And now I come to the final point. In view of the very adequate provisions of this bill-* some of my friends shake their heads, but in my view it is a pretty comprehensive bill-I for one feel, and I so expressed myself in the committee, that we ought to deal with the situation as an emergent situation and should not tie anyone down forever to a permanent policy with regard to Canadian wheat. This bill on the face of it and without some reservation of some kind indicates that the Canadian government is going into the wheat business unless another parliament takes positive action to repeal the act.

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