July 4, 1935 (17th Parliament, 6th Session)


James Layton Ralston



The words "fair price" are not used in the bill. The provision is that there shall be a fixed price, a price fixed by the board and approved by the governor in council; and I expressed the hope that the board would be able to fix a price fair to the producer, at the same time doing justice to its responsibility in the discharge of its duties imposed upon it under the act. I realize that the board has a difficult task; I realize also that my hon. friends from the west are faced with a difficulty. I am discussing practical difficulties. At the same time, if my hon. friends from the west will permit me to say so, when I spoke as I did I wanted them to feel that the east-at any rate I am speaking as one from the east- while realizing the difficulties felt that there
1" JULY 4, 1935 4231
Grain Board
was a great measure of adequacy in this provision for a minimum price plus a participation certificate; and I am sure that if the fishermen of the east, the lumbermen, the cattlemen and the buttermen of the east had the same provision some of them at least would be exceedingly happy.

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