July 2, 1935 (17th Parliament, 6th Session)


Angus MacInnis

Independent Labour

Mr. ANGUS MacINNIS (Vancouver South):

Mr. Speaker, on Wednesday last when the motion was made for the house to go into supply I took the opportunity of drawing to the attention of the house the condition that was facing the government and the people of this country owing to the strike of men in the unemployment relief camps. I pointed out at that time that we had made an effort on two occasions to bring to the attention of the house the seriousness of that situation, but that we were unsuccessful. On a later occasion I again asked the Prime Minister if he would give an opportunity to discuss this matter in the house, and he promised that he would take it into consideration although he did not think it was worth while discussing. Now I am sure that not only the members of this house but the people of this dominion are shocked at the tragedy that took place in the city of Regina last evening. I believe the people of this country will lay the cause of that tragedy at the door of the government.

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