June 28, 1935 (17th Parliament, 6th Session)


Jean-François Pouliot



W'hen the right hon. leader of the opposition (Mr. Mackenzie King) was Prime Minister. Canada was first in England, but, unfortunately, Australia has passed her because of the policies of this government. Canada now ranks second or third in London, and instead of holding competitions this government should endeavour to learn from Australia the reasons for her success. Perhaps this may be unnecessary as the government may have an opportunity of learning from the Liberal party. Two years ago, $100,000 was voted to the Department of Trade and Commerce for advertising to be carried on in England under the control of the High Commissioner for Canada. Instead of making his report to the Department of Trade and Commerce, that gentleman made it to the Department of the Secretary of State for External Affairs. The Department of Trade and Com

Empire Trade Agreements
merce asked for 8100,000 of Canadian money to be given to Mr. Howard Ferguson to be used for advertising; he used that money to give dinners and so forth, but he did not make a return to the minister who supplied him with it. This shows the little care this government has taken to follow parliamentary traditions.

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