June 28, 1935 (17th Parliament, 6th Session)


Alfred Speakman

United Farmers of Alberta


I agree with the hon. member for Weyburn (Mr. Young) that, this year particularly, when so many new and important bills have been passed, bills that have been so extensively amended, it is difficult to know just what each bill finally contains and what the clauses mean, without having the bill as finally adopted. I am not talking about going home and spouting on the election platform, but every constituent at home has a right to ask his member of parliament what a particular bill is as finally passed. I have had numerous requests not merely for copies of bills but for an explanation of precisely what some particular bill provides, the terms of the bill, the powers embodied in it and what must be done under it. But I have not been able to give definite information; I have simply had to assure those who inquired that I should have to wait until the bill finally passed both houses of parliament, because bills are so extensively amended that you cannot tell in what form any bill will finally emerge. It is far more important this year than ever before that bills should be available in completed form to every member of parliament who wants them. Will bills be

Supply-M iscellaneous

available in the Senate in sufficient numbers to enable all members of the house to receive copies? If not, then the suggestion that copies of the bill can be obtained means little. It is practically useless if they are so limited in numiber that every member cannot receive i copy.

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