June 28, 1935 (17th Parliament, 6th Session)


Jean-François Pouliot



This is most extraordinary. I remember very well when the right hon. member for Argenteuil (Sir George Per-ley) rose in his place and said that for the assistance of the Prime Minister the appointment of an economic council, a super brain trust, was urgent. The enactment was passed; nothing has been done. The Prime Minister seems better than ever; he appears to be in good health; he is in the house more than he was before, and there is no economic council. We do not need it. Moreover, sir, I strongly object to that economic council because it is a direct insult to every member of the cabinet. Either the members of the government are lompetent or they are not. If they are competent we do not need an economic council; if they are incompetent let them say good-bye to us. I want to defend the dignity of the members of the cabinet; I am acting on their behalf, and I find this legislation extremely stupid. There wais some talk in the press that this and that gentleman would be appointed to the economic council to advise the government -to advise the government now that all the legislation has been passed. .It has been said already that the government is eating soup for dessert; I see every minister with a toothpick in his mouth before luncheon and before dinner. It is most extraordinary; it is incredible; it is inconceivable. This legislation was to save the country'; this council was to improve the legislation, and all the legislation was baked)-I mean half-baked-before any member of this economic

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council was appointed. Sir, it is a farce; it is a joke. In the United States there was a brain trust which turned out to be no good, and the president appointed) a super brain trust. He left the brain trust that was no good underneath and put on top of it a super 'brain trust, instead of dispensing with the first.
The only reason for this economic council is to give these hair-splitters who try to put their dreams into operation a chance to see what they can do. I should like to ask the present leader of the government to drop this vote. The taxpayers of Canada will have to pay this amount if this item is passed; they will have to pay taxes in order to keep that economic council going when it is an insult to each and every member of the cabinet including the Prime Minister. It is a crutch which is half broken before it is used. I am asking the government to drop this vote, because it is a waste of money.

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