June 14, 1935 (17th Parliament, 6th Session)


Ian Alistair Mackenzie


Mr. MACKENZIE (Vancouver):

Minister of Justice said that no one put that interpretation upon the words of the Prime fMr. Ralston.]
Minister but immediately after they were uttered the right hon. leader of the opposition (Mr. Mackenzie King) got up and said:
I must say that the right hon. gentleman is saying either too much or too little. He has reflected upon an hon. member in his absence.
Mr. Bennett: I have no right to be interrupted.
Mr. Mackenzie King: I will not sit here and see a colleague misrepresented by anybody and especially by the Prime Minister. I wish to say that the hon. member of whom he has spoken is an hon. member and not open to the kind of reflections that have been made.
The observations of the Minister of Justice fall very flat indeed.

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