June 6, 1935 (17th Parliament, 6th Session)


Richard Bedford Bennett (Prime Minister; President of the Privy Council; Secretary of State for External Affairs)

Conservative (1867-1942)

Right Hon. R. B. BENNETT (Prime Minister) :

If the hon. gentleman's statement is accurate, as it is no doubt intended to be, the motion is out of order. He said a moment ago that the bill contemplates the expenditure by the minister of moneys for the purpose of dealing with silver, and it comes directly within the prohibition whereby measures of this kind must emanate from the government of the day, with the authority of a message. Apart from all that, the effect is to change the policy that has been defined by parliament. I suppose a private member could move to do that were it not that it involves the question of the expenditure of money, as a bill did the other day. I therefore submit that the motion is out of order.
Mr. JEAN-FRANCOIS POULIOT (Temis-couata): I rise to a point of order. In this matter we have to consider the corporation as it is, whether it is a private capital corporation or a state-owned corporation. It is not state-owned. The capital of the bank is private. If the remarks of the Prime Minister are correct, if the Bank of Canada is a public institution with no private capital, I submit that the government should answer the questions which wrere put by the hon. member for Vancouver Centre some time ago. If not, very well. I contend that the motion proposed by the hon. member for New Westminster should be accepted.

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