June 6, 1935 (17th Parliament, 6th Session)


Robert James Manion (Minister of Railways and Canals)

Conservative (1867-1942)

Hon. R. J. MANION (Minister of Railways) :

Bank oj Canada
C.P.R. Double bell and wigwag at crossing just east of Dixie station. Twp. of Toronto, Oat.,^county of Peel, mile 12.61 London sub.-1.
_ C.N.R. Two floodlights at crossing immediately west of station platform at Tillsonburg, Ont.-l.
C.N.R. Bell and' wigwag at crossing at mile 23.2 Huntsville sub., Ont.-1.
C.N.R. Bell and wigwag at second crossing east of Delhi, Ont., mile 82.66 Cayuga sub.-1.
C.N.R. Add wigwag to bell at Drummond road. Twp. of Stamford, Ont.-1.
C.N.R. Bell and wigwag, mile 23.89 Brampton sub., Ont.-1.
C.N.R. Improvement to view at crossing just north of Falkenburg, Ont., mile 15.59 Huntsville sub.-1. .
C.N.R. Improvement to view at crossing, mile 47.79 Milton sub., south of Palgrave station, Ont.-1.
C.N.R. Improvement to view at crossing at mile 12.15 Chester sub., at Ilubley, N.S.-1.
C.N.R. Improvement to view at crossing 3 miles east of Moulton, Ont., mile 30.06 Cayuga sub.-1.
C.N.R. Bell and wigwag, Fourth and Centre streets, village of King, county of York, Ont.-1.
M.C. Rd. Improving view, crossing of Provincial Highway No. 3. Dunnville road, mile 3.51 miles east of Canfield jet.-1.
C.N.R. Improving view at crossing just east of Peffers station, county of Perth, Ont.-1.
C.N.R. Diversion and subway, at Alma, N.S. Pictou branch.-2.
C.P.R. Diversion and overhead crossing at mile 43.73 Nelson sub., B.C.-1.
C. P.R. Diversion and subway at mile 0.76 Kingsgate sub., B.C.-2.
D. A. ry. Diversion at Kentville, N.S.-2.
C.P.R. Bell and wigwag at Queen st., Twp.
of Etobicoke, Ont,, mile 1.21 Obico cut-off.-1.
C.N.R. Improvement to grade of crossing at Onslow, N.S., mile 2.49 Springliill sub.-1.- Total, 32. '
Urban Crossings
C. N.R. Double bells and wigwags, London street, Thamesville, Ont.-1.
M.C. rd. Bell and wigwag, Clifton Hill st., Niagara Falls.-1.
D. A. ry. Stannus street, Windsor. N.S.-1.
D.A. ry. Main street, Yarmouth, N.S.-1.
C.P.R. Double bell and wigwag, Raglan st.,
Renfrew, Ont.-1.
C.N.R. Add wigwag to bell at Timothy st., Newmarket, Ont.-1.
C.N.R. Add wigwag to bell at Water st., Newmarket, Ont.-1.
C.P.R. & T. & N. 0. ry. Crossings at Golf street, North Bay, Ont.-2.
C.N.R. Add wigwag to bell at John st., New Glasgow, N.S.-1.
C.N.R. Add wigwag to bell, crossing at Matapedia, Que.-1.
C.N.R. Double bells and wigwags, Huron-tario st., Port Credit. Ont.-l.
CNR. Double bell and wigwag, Memorial ave. Port Arthur, Ont.

C.P.R. Add wigwag to bell, Talbot st., St. Thomas, Ont.-1.
T.H. & B. ry. & C.N.R. Hamilton viaduot.

8.-Total, 22.

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