May 28, 1935 (17th Parliament, 6th Session)


Louis Édouard Fernand Rinfret



Before second reading carries I want to say a few words. I might perhaps have avoided

Patents of Invention-Mr. Itinjret
doing it, as I was going to suggest that the discussion should take place when the bill is in committee. This bill was introduced in the Senate and received full consideration in the higher chamber. It was also before a special committee there, several witnesses were heard, and I think the bill comes to us in pretty good shape generally. I take this occasion to commend the practice by any government of introducing bills of this nature in the higher chamber, where work is less congested, because when such a measure comes to us a certain amount of consideration has been given to it, and that is for the good of both chambers. I may say further that the Patent Act is one which is always under consideration by a certain portion of the public, many amendments are sought from the department and the minister every year. When I was in charge of that department, on several occasions associations as well as individuals came to the department to secure extensive amendments to the act or to suggesting consolidation. Therefore if any principle is involved in this second reading, reserving any opinion as to the different sections of the bill, I favour this consolidation, with the hope that when adopted the measure may stand for several years without requiring further change. I think it might have been an advantage for this house to have had this bill considered in a special committee, but everyone will understand that at this late stage of the session that would not be feasible. In the hope that the house may be able to dispose of this measure in an expeditious way in committee of the whole I will not say anything further at present. I think we can well deal with the questions as they arise from section to section.

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