May 21, 1935 (17th Parliament, 6th Session)


Ernest Lapointe



I desire to read to the Minister of Public Works just a word or two of his on April 16 when this bill was before the house. As reported on page 2812 of Hansard, he had this to say:
Mr. Stewart (Leeds): My hon. friend complains about information not being given. In the estimates of the department for years no details are given-just specific amounts. If hon. members desire information in regard to these items it will be cheerfully given, but we ask to have an opportunity of giving it before we are condemned for not giving it.
Further on he said:
Mr. Stewart (Leeds): With regard to any of these items upon which information is desired 1 can only say that so far as they come under the control of the Department of Public Works we are prepared to give information.
And further on, on the same page, he said:
We are prepared to give all the information that the committee desires, and as much as we give in connection with the regular estimates when they are submitted to the house.
That is only what we are asking my hon. friend to do to-night, and I submit very respectfully even to the Minister of Railways that we deserve no abuse for doing that.

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