May 21, 1935 (17th Parliament, 6th Session)


William Duff



Worse for Toronto, because ten or fifteen Tories were elected in Toronto, and that is the reason why we are voting against Toronto to-day, because of a Tory Toronto.
We are for Canada. My hon. friend talks about what we did. I say that when we were in power and the present government were in opposition in 1930, the latter blocked every estimate, and the Tory members from Toronto were the ringleaders. They criticized the government of that day, and we have a perfect right to criticize the government of this day when they want to spend money and when they cannot explain to us what they are going to spend it for. Before this estimate goes through, the Minister of Public Works should tell us what he is going to do with most of the money. I understand that he can have a few hundred thousand dollars for extraordinary repairs, but he should tell the committee exactly what he is going to do with most of the money before he asks us to vote it.

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