March 25, 1935 (17th Parliament, 6th Session)


Ian Alistair Mackenzie


Mr. MACKENZIE (Vancouver):

I am
quite willing, Mr. Speaker, to do what the Minister of Finance suggests. I had intended on the orders of the day, as a matter of privilege to refer to the replies that I received the other day with respect to the Bank of Canada. The minister may recall that or March 14 I asked what was the total amount of gold transferred from all the chartered banks, and this question to-day refers to the amount of gold taken from each of the chartered banks separately.
With respect to the former question I was only referring to section 28 of the statute. T

am very well aware of the provisions of section 28 and I was simply wanting the assurance that the provisions of that section had been complied with. My question of March 14 has not yet been answered. The government has not yet informed me what was the total amount of gold that was taken over from the chartered banks, in compliance with the provisions of section 28 of the statute and transferred to the Bank of Canada when it commenced its operations. I shall be very glad to comply with the suggestion of the minister but may I repeat that I am very well acquainted with the provisions of section 28.

Subtopic:   BANK OF CANADA
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