March 22, 1935 (17th Parliament, 6th Session)


Harry Bernard Short

Conservative (1867-1942)


I hope that Nova Scotia
will receive her full share of this money when it is being expended. We have room for more tourists than are coming at the present time and this year we are looking forward to the greatest influx since 1929. When the minister is allotting this money to the different provinces, I hope he will see that Nova Scotia gets her full share. I am sure he will, be-[Mr. Willis. 1
cause he realizes that we are entitled to it. We have every attraction to offer the tourist -deep sea fishing, tuna fishing, inland fishing and every sport that he is looking for. I can only join with my colleague from Cape Breton in extending to hon. members a cordial invitation to visit the most beautiful province in the dominion.
Mr. PER'LEY (Qu'Appelle): I wish to
express my approval of this item in the minister's estimates. I have listened with considerable pleasure to those who have spoken on the item advocating the beauty spots in their respective provinces, and I trust that when this money is being spent for advertising, the beauty spots of Saskatchewan will have due consideration; and I plead particularly for Qu'Appelle. I think we have in that constituency some of the finest scenery to be found in Canada. I refer to the historic Qu'Appelle valley and river, which got its name, as history relates, from this incident. An Indian woman went to draw water from the lake; she heard an echo in the ravine and she replied, " qu'appelle?"-who calls? This valley runs parallel to the Canadian Pacific Railway and No. 1 highway from the Manitoba boundary about two hundred miles. It is a picturesque valley and in different sections it widens out a mile or two, forming lakes. These are peaceful lakes in the middle of the valley. At lake Kalipwa, at lake Echo and at lake Qu'Appelle we have beautiful scenery, and I would mention the historic town of Fort Qu'Appelle, where there was once established the old Hudson's Bay fort. At one time we thought that this particular site would be the capital of the territory. Along these lakes we have summer resorts and camps and it is a splendid place for tourists who wish to spend a few days of quiet. Sports of all sorts can be indulged in, golfing, tennis, fishing, bathing and everything that adds to the pleasure of the tourist. To get into this valley there are very good roads branching from No. 1 highway and leading through the great wheat plains of Saskatchewan. The wheat plains between the main highway and this valley are the plains which were first settled by the pioneers who went into that province, and in August you can go through miles of waving grain. It is a magnificent sight.
I know that there are many other hon. gentlemen who are anxious to speak on this item and I do not want to take up too much time, but I trust the minister will see that when advertising is being done we shall get our due share. I think this is a splendid thing. The Canadian people should be en-

couraged in their efforts to induce our friends from the south and from other countries as well to come to Canada and enjoy our scenic beauties. I fully support this vote.

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