March 21, 1935 (17th Parliament, 6th Session)


Edward Armour Peck

Conservative (1867-1942)


I would not consider it necessary to speak but for the fact that the people I represent are very much interested in the tourist traffic. The county of Peterborough offers a great deal of attraction to tourists who come by thousands to enjoy the scenery. We are able to give them and we do give them a very pleasant time and they come again. I agree with my hon. friend from East Simcoe as to the attractiveness of that general system that runs from Georgian bay to the Trent, known as the Kawartha system, comprising islands, lakes, rivers and canals. It attracts many thousands of people to its shores every year and those whom I represent are particularly interested in promoting the traffic. Other places in Canada are similarly situated and are looking for tourists. I am quite sure therefore that the government is doing the wise thing in setting aside a sum of money to advertise the traffic and to make provision for tourists to see that they are properly guarded against exorbitant charges. The bureau can do a great deal in furnishing information to the prospective tourist. After all, the best advertisement that Canada can have is the good will of those who visit the country and report favourably upon its advantages. That is the first essential. Further, the bureau should be in a position to give information to those who are ignorant of the country and are anxious to know where they can spend a happy and profitable holiday at reasonable cost. It will be the function of the bureau to collect all this information and to check it over, and it can do many things to smooth the way for the tourist. The tourist wants a reasonable means of approaching the particular point on which he has set his mind; he wants to know that he will be comfortably looked after at moderate cost; he wants to know that fishing is provided for, and he wants to know particularly that he will be able to get into ready communication with his own home by mail, telegraph or telephone. A good many inquiries are made respecting the district I come from with regard to these points particularly which I have enumerated, and the officer in charge of the bureau can do a good deal in cooperation with the various departments to clear up such points. Every man coming to visit us wants to know, as I have said, that he will be able to get into ready communication with his home in case of emergency. From every point of view therefore we can commend this appropriation and I congratulate the government. I assure them it will do a great deal to improve the tourist traffic and increase the numbers of those who visit us.

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