March 14, 1935 (17th Parliament, 6th Session)



Conservative (1867-1942)

1. Under relief legislation since 1930, the dominion has contributed to the province's expenditures on the following roads which have been designated by the province as Trans-Canada highway:
(a) Ottawa valley section, from Renfrew- Nipissing, Pembroke through Mattawa to North Bay.

(b) Thunder Bay section from Schreiber to Nipigon, through Port Arthur and Fort William to English river.
(c) Western section from English river through Dyment, Dinorwic, Dryden, Kenora to Manitoba boundary.
(d) Hawkesbury-Pembroke.
(e) Vicinity of Arnprior and Braeside.
2. Works undertaken on the above sections of the Trans-Canada highway under the various relief acts, with the exception of those carried out under the Unemployment Relief Act, 1930, were approved by orders in council.
3. The orders in council authorizing dominion contribution to the above mentioned Trans-Canada highway construction are as follows: P.C. 2853, November 14, 1931; P.C. 310, February 13, 1932; P.C. 1022, April 30, 1932; P.C. 2344, November 13, 1933; P.C. 1023,
.May 17, 1934; P.C. 573, March 28, 1934.
4. 5 and 6. The dominion contributed towards the cost of work carried out during the fiscal year 1933 on sections (a), (b) and (c) above mentioned, 60 cents per man-day of work, the amount of the dominion contribution on these sections being as follows: section (a), $262,500; section (b), $300,000; section (c), $307,500. The dominion also contributed on a 50 per cent basis to work carried out during the calendar year 1933 on sections (d) and (e) above mentioned, the amount of the dominion contribution being as follows: section (d), $171,469.67; section (e), $1,209.01.
The agreement entered into with the province of Ontario under the provisions of the Relief Act, 1934, provides, amongst other things, that the dominion will pay to the province 50 per cent of such expenditures as may be approved by the dominion for highways designated by provincial order in council as part of the Trans-Canada highway, exclusive of the cost of administration and of acquisition of lands. Under this agreement dominion approval has to date been given for the building of 8'4 miles of Trans-Canada highway from Iveewatin west at an estimated cost of $255,000, dominion proportion 50 per cent or $127,500 for which accounts have not yet been received.

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