March 12, 1935 (17th Parliament, 6th Session)


George Washington McPhee


Mr. G. W. McPHEE (Yorkton):

Mr. Speaker, I should like to refer to a question asked by me on March 6, and appearing at page 1464 of Hansard, referring to the removal of civil servants. My question was:
How many civil servants have been removed from their positions since the present government came into office by: (a) dismissal; (b) superannuation; (c) death; (d) other causes?
The Secretary of State indicated on that occasion that the term "civil servant" was defined in the Civil Service Superannuation Act, and upon that occasion he quoted the definition appearing in chapter 24 of the revised statutes. I find, however, upon looking into the statutes that while "civil servant" is defined in chapter 24, the Civil Sendee Superannuation Act, a further definition is given in chapter 22 of the revised statutes of Canada, namely The Civil Service Act. In chapter 22, "civil sendee" is defined as follows:
(a) "civil service" means the civil positions and' employees in and under the several departments of the government of Canada, and in the offices of the Auditor General, the Clerk of the Privy Council, the Governor General's Secretary, the Public Archives, the Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada, the Civil Service Commission, and all other civil positions under and persons in the civil employ of His Majesty, but not including the members of any commission or board appointed by the governor in council.
I should like the Secretary of State to give a return based upon the definition appearing in the interpretation clause of chapter 22 of the Civil Service Act.

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