March 12, 1935 (17th Parliament, 6th Session)


Ross Wilfred Gray


Mr. R. W. GRAY (West Lambton):

Mr. Speaker, would the Minister of Railways and Canals indicate when the special committee on railways and shipping will be convened?
Hon. R. J. MAlNIIO'N (Minister of Railways and Canals): Mr. Speaker, in order that it would not be thought that we were in any way holding up the proceedings of the committee I discussed the matter only a few days ago with some hon. members opposite, asking them when they would like to have the committee meet. As a matter of fact there is not much with which it could deal at the present time. The report of the Cana-
Civil Service-Dismissals

dian National Railways has not yet come down, and I was informed this morning that it will not 'be down for another ten days. Until that report arrives there is not very much with which the committee could deal. However I shall be glad to call it or to see that it is called at the desire of the members of the committee themselves, for that matter.

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