March 4, 1935 (17th Parliament, 6th Session)


Alfred Speakman

United Farmers of Alberta


At what point in the
proceedings does a debtor making a proposal come within the provisions of the bankruptcy laiw and void his protection under any provincial legislation? As I understand it the bankruptcy law itself applies only after the proposal has been confirmed and filed with the court. Up to that time, and even after the proposal has been made but while it is still under consideration, any provincial legislation still would be available to the debtor, would it not? In Alberta they have legislation which prevents court proceedings unless and until the creditor has received power from the board to proceed in the courts. I assume that legislation still would be available up to the time the proposal was accepted and confirmed, so that the man making the proposal would not have voided his protection under the provincial law until his proposal under this act was confirmed and filed in the courts.

Topic:   1C35
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