February 19, 1935 (17th Parliament, 6th Session)


Wesley Ashton Gordon (Minister of Immigration and Colonization; Minister of Labour; Minister of Mines)

Conservative (1867-1942)


Everyone will make up his own mind about that. At the moment we are carrying on under these agreements. With the exception of the province of Quebec, I know of no province that has submitted any plan that would vary the agreements which are now in existence with respect to assistance by the dominion government. The agreements now in existence will continue until the end of the fiscal year. I do not think that even an invitation is necessary to most of the provinces to approach the dominion government with respect to assistance they think they may need to carry through after the end of the fiscal year. But communications will undoubtedly pass before the end of the fiscal year between the provinces and this government with a view to determining to what extent the provinces can discharge their responsibilities, and to what extent if any they may need dominion support. When that is made apparent, then I assume, if the dominion has to come to the aid of the provinces again for the coming year,

appropriate legislation will, if it is found necessary, be submitted to the house for discussion and approval.

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