February 19, 1935 (17th Parliament, 6th Session)


Alan Webster Neill



I wonder if the minister
would allow me to draw his attention to a matter that applies to nearly all the departments. I have here the reports for the Department of Labour and also for the Department of Mines, both under the minister's charge, and both these reports cover the fiscal year ending March 31, 1934. I notice that they are signed by the respective deputy ministers, one on April 6, 1934, and the other on May 31, 1934. The point I
want to make is this: If these reports are
in the hands of the minister on these dates, shortly after the end of the fiscal year ending March, 1934, why cannot they be in our hands before nearly a year later? It is a long time to wait until February, 1935, to get a report which closed in March, 1934. I always understood that it was the delay in getting the material put together, but I find it is ready within a month or two after the date given. Why could not these things be printed and distributed to members in September? On one occasion when the house was called in the fall we did get these reports early, in October if I remember correctly. H they are obtainable in one year why not ordinarily? It would relieve the pressure on printing at this time of the year. I would ask the minister and the Prime Minister as well why these returns cannot be available in the fall.

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