June 28, 1934 (17th Parliament, 5th Session)


Joseph-Arthur Denis


Mr. DENIS (Translation):

Let the hon.
member for Berthier-Maskinonge have no fear. When the time comes, I shall cooperate, as I have always done in the pa$t, especially for sound and rational measures; I have never refused to accomplish my duty in the house or elsewhere. It is not in introducing such a bill after four years, that the Canadian people will be led to believe that the government carried out its duty and understood the responsibilities that it had to assume in this respect. It is not because the government erects in the town of Berthier, a public building at a cost of $48,000 or $50,000, that it can imagine that it has performed its duty. The government in this respect only proves that it cares very little for the people's money and, to help in electing one of its friends, it has no compunction in having parliament appropriate an amount double to what would be necessary to satisfy the town of Berthier and the whole county. The government showed that it was incapable of administering the finances of this country. That is why the Canadian people will remember, when the polling day comes, to thank the government for its services to Canada
I shall not add anything further, sir, so as not to delay the house. I am aware of the servile majority of which the government disposes. When it is a question of championing our nationality and allowing bilingualism on our bank notes, our good friends opposite, with a few exceptions, thought fit to repudiate the rights of Quebec and the French language, by voting against the amendment moved by the hon. member for Quebec East (Mr. Lapointe). One more thing to stir up the people's regrets and feelings-I shall not say of rebellion-of revenge towards those who, in the face of the country, have, so to speak, repudiated their language to servilely support their leader.

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