June 13, 1934 (17th Parliament, 5th Session)


Albert Joseph Brown

Conservative (1867-1942)


Yes, it was a good vote. Some consideration should be given to this, that young men and young women who perhaps are not of age at the time the list was finally prepared ought to be afforded an opportunity, if possible, of having their names recorded immediately after coming of age.
As regards the provision for signing the name on the list, I make no complaint. I think it is an attempt to secure us against that evil of personation on which emphasis has been laid. But, so that we may know these things better when the bill is before us, I should like to ascertain whether the enumerator has to go to the elector to secure his signature or whether it is left to the elector to come to the enumerator. Evidently they have to sign a list of some kind in order to be identified when they come to the poll. However, we shall probably find out these things more definitely when the bill is before us.
Another feature which I hope will appear in the new act is that the provision for removing dead timber from the list shall be a little more satisfactory than it has been in some instances. In Manitoba this was under provincial law. We had for a time a law requiring registration, but the conditions laid down for the removing of dead timber from the list were so onerous that it was almost impossible to convince a judge that

these names should not be on the list. I know that names continued to appear on the list six or seven years after they should have been removed, owing to the impossibility of submitting to the judge the necessary evidence. I trust that these points are being taken care of in the new act.

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