September 24, 1903 (9th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Thomas Simpson Sproule

Conservative (1867-1942)


That was the first time the civil service was dealt with squarely in my opinion. The Postmaster General has said that the civil service at one time became very unpopular in the country. The hon. member for Macdonald (Mr. Boyd) has told us the reason for that. During that long campaign which took place regarding irregularities in the civil service' in 1891, constant attacks were made upon the civil service by hon. gentlemen opposite who were then in opposition, notably by the present Senator McMullen, who represented North Wellington, and Mr. Somerville, who then represented South Brant and others. Time after time we were obliged to defend the civil service in this House and in the country when they were unfairly attacked. It was because of those attacks that the civil service seemed unpopular. And I regret to say that these attacks prevented many men in the serivce from receiving even the justice they were entitled to for faithful and efficient service. As to the classes mentioned here, the hon. member said that the junior class were provided for under the Civil Service Act. Who made that Act ? The Conservative party. And the members of that party are entitled to credit rather than to have wholesale abuse heaped upon them because of what it is alleged they did not do for the service. I do not know whether the Postmaster General proposes that we should report these resolutions to-night-

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