February 8, 1934 (17th Parliament, 5th Session)


Pierre Auguste Martial Rhéaume


Mr. RHEAUME (Translation):

My reply
to the hon. member for Richmond and Wolfe (Mr. Lafleche) is that I have not examined the question. At all events, I consider that the farmers pay already enough for cream separators and barbed wire, and that the duty should not be increased by ten per cent, in the first case, and twenty-five per cent in the other, in order to help certain friends of the party.
He states that it is entirely useless to request help from those in authority. I do not know whether this is really true.
The following is an excerpt of the evidence given when the investigation was held on milk and dairy products by the committee on agriculture and colonization. The manager of the Laiterie Saint Laurent is the person who renlies:
Q. The St. Lawrence Dairy charge 5 cents per gallon which covers the entire operation?
A. We charge 5 cents per gallon for the entire dairy operation.
Q. You charge this to purchase milk, pasteurize

A. To purchase milk, pasteurize and resell it to our milkmen.
After comparing this with the evidence given by other dairy managers, I concluded that some were perjuring themselves. I began to peruse this famous report which contains 900 pages, and I wish to state, sir, that if these witnesses had appeared before a court of justice, they would have been arrested and condemned for perjury. I am informed that an hon. member on the committee requested the chairman to dismiss this witness, stating that his evidence was in contradiction 74726-26 i
with the reports he had made, and giving as a reason that he was too old to give evidence.

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