February 8, 1934 (17th Parliament, 5th Session)


Pierre Auguste Martial Rhéaume


Mr. RHEAUME (Translation):

The estimates of Department of Agriculture which had always been on the increase from 1925 to 1930, were cut down this year nearly $1,000,000. Does this help the farming class, by cutting down the appropriations which were usually voted for agricultural purposes? It may, perhaps, be stated that the crisis is responsible for this; however, when the estimates are taken up by the house, I shall be able to show that certain estimates in some
departments, have not decreased but have been maintained, because at the head of those departments are to be found competent men, who insist on their estimates not being cut down, while other departments have at their head men with no experience.
Now, sir, I wish to comment briefly on the speech of the hon. member for Brome Missis-quoi: He begins by congratulating the government for having granted an investigation on milk. I intend to inquire how much this investigation cost the government I do not think that it cost as much as that held- on coal, however, I think the result has been practically the same. The government did not condescend to place on the table of the house the report in connection with the inquiry held on coal. Fortunately, it was sent to the Quebec government which instituted proceedings against these companies, the latter were found to be guilty since the judge who heard the case condemned them to a fine. However, the law is rather construed to protect trusts; I hope however that means will be found to prevent these companies from dragging the case from one court to another, until it reaches the highest tribunal of the country, then transferring the ease to the Privy Council ; meanwhile continue to fleece the people, without paying their fine.
The following is an excerpt of the speech of the hon. member for Brome-Missisquoi:
I presume that as regards any real benefit that has resulted so far, from that investigation, the report has probably been systematically pigeon-holed, and forgotten in conformity with the usual procedure with respect to the findings of commissions. The evidence brought out by that investigation conclusively disclosed that the producer was being unfairly dealt with and exploited by the distributor, and further revealed the fact that the present system was simply creating a few millionaires in the city and driving thousands of farmers into a state of penury.
I quite agree with the hon. member, however, I state that....

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