February 8, 1934 (17th Parliament, 5th Session)


Pierre Auguste Martial Rhéaume


Mr. RHEAUME (Translation):

I accept
the hon. member's word, however, I cannot be held responsible for errors the government may have committed, because I was not then a member. Had I been I would have taken my share of responsibility. If the government of that day blundered, we were ready to make amends in 1931, we were disposed to do better; however, the partisans of this government who had pledged themselves to bring up this question, among others, the hon. member for Brome-Missisquoi, forgot their promises and refused to help us.
The hon. member for Compton made special reference to butter. I think that if he sits in the house, it is partly due to the butter question. The hon. member contends that, under the Liberal regime, in 1929, butter sold for 39 cents per pound and 31 cents in 1930, while in New York it sold for 40 cents. I think that the price of butter in the United States does not concern us. I have not' had the privilege of hearing the hon. member speak in his constituency; however, his friends in the counties of St. John-Iberville, Chambly-Vercheres, Laprairie-Napierville, Brome-Missisquoi, etc., were shocked to find that butter sold at 39 cents per pound in 1929; they were greatly discouraged and lamented over the fate of the poor farmer! I wonder what would have been their thoughts had butter sold 16 and 17 cents per pound as was the case under this government's regime.

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